Compassionate Care Program

Caring. Community. Compassion.

VetsLeaf is a fully licensed; veteran owned and operated cannabis manufacturer and logistics company located in Desert Hot Springs, California. Since our inception, the VetsLeaf team has been determined to give back to our local veteran community and it’s through VetsLeaf’s new Compassionate Care Program, as well as other charitable ventures, that we intend to contribute.   

Each month veterans will be invited to attend a short, informative meeting where they can show proof of military service and a valid, California Medicinal Cannabis Card. They will then be given a voucher they can exchange for a no-cost donation of premium cannabis flower at one of our partner dispensaries. 

When: Coming Soon

Where: Starting in Coachella Valley, CA 

At VetsLeaf we believe in the healing properties of cannabis and can testify how this medicine can relieve the many varying ailments veterans’ carry long after their military service ends. With the many struggles we face, getting access to our medicine of choice shouldn’t be another. 

Fact: One in five veterans in the United States self-medicates with cannabis. 

Fact: 83% of Veterans support cannabis legalization and agree veterans should have safe-access to cannabis. 

Fact: 82% of American veterans want to have cannabis as a federally legal treatment. 

Fact: 92% of American veterans support medical rserach into cannabis. 

Fact: The fastest growing demographic of cannabis users are over 60 years old. 

Fact: The Veterans Affairs Administration agrees that veterans will NOT lose benefits due to their cannabis use.  

Fact: The American Legion, through Resolution 11, supports medicinal marijuana research by the Veterans Affairs Administration.