VetsLeaf was founded in 2017 by a group of four Marine Corps veterans whose families came together to build a grass-roots cannabis company that would not only employ veterans, but shed light on the many struggles those veterans face after leaving the service. While providing superior cannabis products to the California market, giving back to fellow veterans, their families, and their community is a primary goal of the VetsLeaf team. 

VetsLeaf has found the perfect home in Desert Hot Springs; the same desert the Marines trained while enlisted in the Corps. Our 2.5-acre property west of downtown Desert Hot Springs houses our state-of-the-art manufacturing lab, kitchen, packaging, and distribution hub. Our first products entered the market in June 2018 and in 2019 we’re launching an entire new line of products. 

Beginning this venture the night adult use was approved by Californians, VetsLeaf has since surrounded themselves with like-minded individuals, contractors, and consultants who share our vision of helping veterans, family members, and communities. As we continue to grow, we will continue to look for people who share in our mission; to employ, to contract, and consult with, and to join our growing family.

Mission Statement |

The mission of the VetsLeaf team is multifaceted. 

Foremost, VetsLeaf will provide the California market with superior cannabis products, cultivated and manufactured by and for veterans and those who support our armed forces. 

VetsLeaf will advocate for veterans who use cannabis as their preferred medicine to treat the symptoms of service related post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and the myriad of ailments veterans live with post-service. Through our upcoming Compassionate Care Program, VetsLeaf will host monthly events that will provide education and information on VA resources and benefits. Each meeting will culminate with the distribution of vouchers that (properly vetted) veterans can take to any of our three partner-dispensaries for a no-cost donation of VetsLeaf’s signature cannabis flower. 

Employ veterans. VetsLeaf will never offer lip service when it comes to employing veterans. Our staff will always be comprised of veterans and those who share our advocacy mission. 

VetsLeaf will support caregivers and families of veterans navigating the symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and mental health. 

VetsLeaf pledges to work with Veterans Service Organizations and advocacy groups to further our shared goals of reducing the VA’s practice of prescribing highly addictive opioids that are linked to the astounding rates of veterans taking their own lives. VetsLeaf will actively participate in local, county and state level events and meetings in order to best represent the interests of area veterans. 

Our goal is to seeing cannabis legalized and decriminalized nationally so that veterans across America can access their medicine of choice without stigma or fear of legal ramifications. VetsLeaf will work with state and national Veteran Service Organizations who share this vision. 

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TONY RIVERA - FOUNDER (1971-2018) |

Tony Rivera was a founding partner of VetsLeaf. Tony served as our Vice President and Chief Operations Officer before his untimely passing. Tony hailed from Texas and moved to California with his mother and siblings for work in the agriculture community of Imperial Valley. After graduating from El Centro’s Central Union High School Tony enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and trained in Twentynine Palms, CA, just 40 miles from where VetsLeaf stands today.  Tony was an Operation Desert Storm veteran who deployed to Somalia, Okinawa, and Panama during his enlistment.  After leaving the Corps, Tony moved to Colorado where he was introduced to the cannabis movement and, with a friend, opened a cultivation warehouse. When he recognized the signs that California was on the cusp of legalizing recreational cannabis, Tony knew he had to come home and begin searching for fellow veterans who shared his vision. 

The VetsLeaf team works each day to honor Tony’s legacy and pursue his goals of giving back to his veteran brothers and sisters.  


Sandra Silve-Tello grew up in El Centro, California, a small, Southern California agricultural community, and took an early interest in helping the less fortunate. After high school graduation, Sandra enlisted into the United States Marine Corps serving in Japan, Camp Pendleton, Kuwait and Somalia. The foremost takeaway from her service was the bond developed with her brother and sister Marines.  

After Sandra’s honorable discharge in 1995, she attended San Diego State University earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology spending the following eighteen years helping underserved members of the Southern California community including: teen parents, children and adolescents in the foster care system, and adults struggling with their mental health. 

In 2016 Sandra reconnected with her band of brothers, including Tony Rivera, when they founded VetsLeaf in Desert Hot Springs. Through VetsLeaf’s success Sandra, and her hand-selected team, will continue to give back to the underserved members of the community, specifically our nation’s veterans.